Slots Paytables

For new players especially, the pay table on a slots machine can be particularly difficult to understand. While on our free slots games you aren't wagering any cash, it's still helpful to know what prizes are on offer, which symbols you need to spin to access the bonus and free spins round, as well as which symbols offer the highest payout. We'll now take you through what you can expect to find on an online slots pay table.

While at first glance, this pay table may look rather confusing, it's actually an invaluable aid to any slots player, whether you're playing for free or not. Now, let's work through the anatomy of the pay table:

Information at the Bottom of the Slot

The bottom of screen shows the bet, spin and balance information that you’d expect to find on most slots. Directly above this are several small graphs which display the paylines where you can win.

As you can see, Pharaoh’s Treasure features 9 paylines and these visual guides neatly display how these paylines work and interact with each other. Above the payline images, you'll find the bulk of the pay table and arguably the most important part; the symbols.

Prizes for Individual Symbols

As you can see, each symbol comes with a prize attached and the numbers on the left correspond with how many symbols you'll need to win the prize on the right.

Slots Symbols Examples:

1 coins per line x 5 (prize awarded) = 5 coin win.

When betting 1 coin per line, matching three handcuffs will result in a prize of 5x your line bet, which equals 5 coins.

5 coins per line x 300 (prize awarded) = 1,500 coin win.

When betting 5 coins per line, matching five diamond symbols will result in a prize of 300x your line bet, which equals 1,500 coins.

10 coins per line x 2,000 (prize awarded) = 20,000 coin win.

When betting 10 coins per line, matching five open safe symbols will result in a prize of 2,000x your line bet, which is 20,000 coins.

A useful tip when checking a pay table is to always make a note of three particular symbols. These are the symbol that offers the top award, the scatter and the wild/substitute symbols. The reason for this is that they can be extremely useful in creating big wins as well as triggering free spins and bonus rounds where possible.

So there we have it...The anatomy of a pay table! Not quite as daunting as it may at first seem.