Fantastic 7's Slot

Fantastic 7's is the type of slot game you'd expect to have found a land-based casino in the 80s. The three-reel, single – payline slot is a classic. Although it may sound boring, it's quite refreshing to get back to the nitty-gritty of what a slot actually is. With a single payline, it really does keep you on edge.

Fantastic 7's is very easy to play and the paytable is on the screen, which saves you having to switch back and forth to see how much you can win. Reel symbols are the standard classic slot icons with the addition of a glistening seven icon. There are no wild symbols.

Compared to other classic slots, the top prize of mount of 12,500 coins is quite a hefty amount. Classic slots with high payouts have a tendency of having high stakes, but this one doesn't. Bets can range between $0.25 and $15.00, which is quite handy if you just fancy a flutter with a simple slot.

Very standard sound effects and graphics make sure that the classic nature of Fantastic 7's is maintained. The beauty of the slot is that there is nothing to get accustomed to, you play it and you know you're playing a slot, not following a storyline - plain and simple.