Online Slots Strategies and Tips

First of all, it should be noted that in terms of slots game play, there are no strategies that can increase your chance of winning. This is due to the fixed nature of the game and the fact that once you’ve pressed spin, all you can do is hope to get lucky. Despite this, there are plenty of ways that you can give yourself the greatest chance of maximising your profits while playing online slots.

Top Slots Tips

  • Make sure you fully understand how to play your chosen slot machine, before wagering.
  • Always play the maximum number of pay lines available, even if it means betting less per line.
  • Take advantage of bonuses, but be sure to check the wagering requirements.
  • Never chase your losses, set a limit to how much you can lose and always quit while you’re ahead.
  • During slots tournaments, concentrate on winning as much as possible. Don't focus on the tournament leader board.

Basic Slot Machine Strategies

As previously mentioned, there are no certain slots systems or strategies that will allow you to win. However, there are a few basic tips that, with luck on your side, could potentially make your gaming experience more profitable, as well as more enjoyable.

Choosing the Right Slot

The most important decision that you make when playing slots online is which slot you’re going to play. When choosing an online slot to play, make sure that you find one that you understand, has good payouts (which can be found on your chosen online casino’s website) and suits your budget. In the case of the latter, make sure you choose a slot that allows you to bet however much, or little, as you like. Having a budget of $50 and playing a slot where the minimum bet is $10 a spin, isn’t very smart because, unless you get lucky in your first few spins, your money could run out very quickly.

Bet Appropriate Amounts

While a main factor of appropriate betting amounts is how much you’re prepared to spend, there are certainly ways in which you can make your money go further. The best advice that we can offer is to always strive to play the maximum number of lines, even if it means lowering your bet per line. Other than that, you just have to ensure that you play at a level that’ll provide you with the best chance of profiting. This means finding a balance between lowering your bets so that you can have more spins, with making bets big enough that any potential wins are substantial.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

In order to attract more players to play, casinos will often offer slots bonuses. These can come in the form of no deposit bonuses or deposit bonuses. Of these two types of bonuses, no deposit bonuses are the rarer and consist of being given free money to play in the casino when you first register. Deposit bonuses are much more common and also consist of free money, but this is only received once you’ve made your first deposit. When used effectively, bonuses such as these can potentially increase your chances of profiting when playing slots, but always make sure to check the wagering requirements before you deposit. Wagering requirements are the amount the casino will require you to playthrough before you can withdraw your winnings. This would mean that if the casino featured deposit+bonus wagering requirements of 15x, you would have to wager your deposit and bonus 15x before you could withdraw your winnings.

Money Management

Of course, the suitable amount for a person to bet is entirely dependent on your comfort level and budget. However, when playing in a casino the main factor shouldn’t be how much you want to win, but how much you can afford to lose. Gambling is all about betting within your means, so naturally a high roller who has millions of dollars at their disposal can afford to lose a few thousand dollars playing slots online, most of us though, can’t! There are three simple rules that should always be followed when gambling online or offline, which are as follows:

  • Set a loss limit (how much you’re prepared to lose) and stick to it.
  • Never chase your losses
  • Quit while you’re ahead

While these rules may appear a little obvious, they can be extremely hard to adhere to.

Slots Tournament Strategies

Slots tournaments add an extra factor to normal slots play and, as a result, there are extra ways in which you can maximise your game play. First of all you have to choose a tournament that will suit you. This means that the buy-in is suitable to your budget and the tournament is at a time that’s convenient to you. You should also keep an eye out for freeroll tournaments, which are completely free to join, as well as tourneys with low buy-ins.

When playing in tournaments, make sure to focus purely on your game play. One of the biggest mistakes tournament players make is keeping an eye on the competition, when they should instead just focus on their game play. During tournaments, we recommend you focus just on your game, not the tournament leader board, as you can check this out once you’ve finished playing.