Slots Glossary

Almost all casino games tend to have their own terminology and slots, being one of the most popular casino games, are no different. Slots terms such as ‘scatter symbol’ or ‘pay line’ can often cause confusion among players who don’t understand their meaning. We’ve compiled a list of slots phrases and terms that are bound to not only help you understand but also enjoy your slots experience more.

The money that’s set aside by a player to gamble with. The size of the bankroll is determined by the player, who can adjust the size of their bets according to their bankroll.
The amount of money wagered on a slot.
Betting Limits
The amount of money that can be wagered per bet.
Bet Max Button
This button will often automatically set the reels in motion with the highest coin value and where possible the maximum number of lines.
Bonus Round
This is a feature of a slot machine that provides you with an extra chance to win credits, free spins or both. It’s usually triggered by revealing a pre-determined symbol combination during a spin and often involves taking part in a game. Bonus rounds are often the highlight of video slots with animated scenes and can consist of anything from picking symbols to reveal a prize, to attempting to play golf!
Casual Game Slots
Slots where matching symbol wins are created on grids, as opposed to reels.
Classic Slots
Traditional slots that consist of 3 reels and can include multiple paylines, as well as wild and scatter symbols.
Coins per Line
The amount that's bet on each payline. This figure will often be multiplied by the payout to create your winnings.
Coin per Spin
This is how many coins you choose to bet on each game. You can change this number in between spins.
Coin Size
The size of a single bet on an online slot. Most slots will allow you to increase or decrease the coin size to suit your budget.
Currency or tokens used to represent money.
Expected Win Rate
A percentage that shows the amount of credits wagered that should be won or lost over time.
Free Spins
These are games where any credits won from spins can be kept, but you don’t have to pay to play. Free spins are usually given as a reward for revealing certain symbols, or as a prize at the end of a bonus round.
Hit Frequency
The average number of winning and losing spins on a certain slot machine. These rates can vary from 90% on multi-line slots down to 10%.
House Edge
This is the advantage that the house has over the player and shows the amount that the casino will take over an extended period of time.
This is a slot player’s way of describing a win.
New form of slots that consist of following a storyline, while playing.
The largest possible payout on a specific slot machine. Information on a slot’s jackpot can often be found on the pay table.
Loose Slots
These are slot machines that are perceived to payout more than others. This term originally referred to land based slots when payout percentages for certain slots dramatically differed when compared with others, however it doesn’t really apply to online slots.
Max Bet
This is the most that a slot will allow you to bet on a single spin. ‘Max bet’ means that you’re playing the maximum number of line and coins, as well as having maximum coin value.
This is often a symbol that multiplies your bets by a given amount. Alternatively, multipliers may also be won in bonus rounds or apply to any wins created during free spins.
Many slots, especially video slots, have more than one payline where matching symbols will create wins. These slots are called multi-line slots and some of them have up to 243 different pay lines.
One Armed Bandit
An old slang term used to refer to slot machines that have low payout percentages. Now, 'one armed bandit' is usually used when referring to classic slots.
A line or lines on the reels where the symbols must match in order to win. The more paylines that you bet on, the more winning opportunities you have.
The amount of money of credits paid to the player for a specific combination or win.
Pay Table
A list showing all of the winning combinations on a slot and how much a player will receive for each combination.
Payout Percentage
The percentage of money that a slot pays out, in relation to how much is put into it. These percentages refer to play over an extended period of time.
Progressive Jackpot
This is a jackpot that steadily accumulates. Most commonly, progressive jackpots will take a tiny percentage of all bets placed and add them together to create one huge pot.
Random Number Generator (RNG)
An RNG determines the outcome of a slot spin, by using complex algorithms to define a specific set of reel positions. RNG’s are used to ensure fairness and impartiality.
Reels are what the symbols appear on. In older classic slots they used to be actually wheels but these days the spinning is just simulated. Symbols are shown on the reels and there are normally 3, 5 or 7 reels on an online slot.
Scatter Symbol
A common feature on 5 reel video slots, the scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the reels and as long as there are three or more of them, you should receive a win. Often, revealing a certain number of scatter symbols can also trigger free spins or a bonus round.
Slots Tournament
A promotion run on slot machines where players compete against each other to win a share of the prize pool.
Spins are when the reels appear to be in motion before coming to a stop and revealing a set number of symbols.
Static Jackpot
These are the more common form of jackpots. They stay at the same amount regardless of how many people are playing or how often they’re won.
Pictures on the reels that correspond to certain wins or features. Symbols can take the form of various objects, ranging from fruit to pirates.
Tight Slots
The opposite to loose slots, ‘tight slots’ is a term used to describe a slot machine that has a low payout percentage. However, regulation and independent auditing means that there doesn’t tend to be much variation in payout percentages these days.
Video Slots
Slots that may feature multiple reels and paylines, scatter symbols, wild symbols, multipliers, free spins and bonus rounds.
Wild Symbol
A wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol on the reels apart from the scatter symbol to create a winning combination. It’s also sometimes referred to as a substitute symbol.
When a bet has been successful and an amount of credits have been paid back to the player, following a bet.
Winning Spins
A spin where a combination of symbols has appeared in the correct positions to trigger a win.