Las Vegas Slots

Las Vegas is, of course, the spiritual home of slot machines and all things gambling, but it can be difficult knowing which one is right for you. We've sorted through both the duds and beauties of Vegas slot machines to bring you a list of the best Vegas slots. While we can't promise these slots will be loose, we can tell you that if you're looking to play a slot machine in Vegas, then the ones we have picked are arguably the cream of the crop!

Cleopatra's Slot Machine

If there's one slots machine that's synonymous with Las Vegas, then it has to be the Cleopatra slot machine. For years, Intelligent Gaming Technology's (IGT) number one slots game has been Cleopatra, and while the game has been transformed into an online slots machine, most still think of Cleopatra as the slots game available only in the very best Las Vegas casinos. If you're looking to play just one slots machine while you're in Vegas, then make sure it's Cleopatra. The most recent version of the Vegas game is 5 reel, 25 payline variation has more in common with online video slots as opposed to traditional ones and it even allows you to play four games at once. The Cleopatra slots game tends to come hooked up to a progressive jackpot and offers a top jackpot of $30,000! If you want to play Cleopatra in a Las Vegas casino, then make sure to phone ahead, or visit your chosen casino's website to make sure they offer it.

MegaJackpots Slots

As the Cleopatra slot machine is the big one to look out for in Las Vegas casinos, we recommend you also take a look at the MegaJackpots range, also from IGT. With a variety of games to choose from, included branded options such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars slots, the MegaJackpots range is a key feature of any Nevada casino. As you can guess from the name, the MegaJackpots slots are all about big wins and whether you prefer playing traditional or video slots, you're sure to find something in the MegaJackpots range which suits your needs. What's more, if you want a quick break from the slots on offer at Las Vegas, then you can even find MegaJackpots video poker.

Wheel of Fortune Slot Game

While the wheel of fortune slots machine falls under the MegaJackpots range, we simply couldn't write an article about the best Vegas slots and not include it! The wheel of fortune slots game comes in a variety of formats, but all feature an area wide progressive jackpot. Based on the popular television show, wheel of fortune offers a touch of glamour to the usual Vegas proceedings and is a big hit at most, if not all, Las Vegas casinos. Visit any decent Las Vegas casino and you'll find a wheel of fortune slots machine, as they're such a big hit with both regular gamers and tourists. However, Harrah's casino recently announced they may be phasing out the brand, so always double check the casino you're visiting offers your favourite slots game. The wheel of fortune slots machine is simply one you have to play if you're out in a Vegas casino.