Cops and Robbers Slot

The childhood favourite game of Cops and Robbers has been transformed into a gripping slot that helps to revive our memories of a much simpler time.

The simplicity is very noticeable, as it is a three-reel, single-line slot. About as basic as a slot gets, but in spite of this, it is certainly not a dull game of clicking 'spin' endlessly in the hope of winning some cash. A healthy assortment of bonus features and a number of bonus rounds keep this game as fresh and as captivating as some many of Microgaming's other, more adventurous online slots.

Bonus rounds include the ‘Usual Suspects' bonus, the 'Cops and Robbers' bonus game, the 'Smash 'n Grab' bonus round. These offer the opportunity to win up to 500 times your bet, or 50 free spins in the case of 'Smash 'n Grab'. If you're not yet sold on this slot, then there's one more surprise: the 'Gold Jackpot', which is a progressive jackpot that can be triggered in three ways. Firstly, by collecting three gold safes during the 'Cops and Robbers' game, accumulating 5 Gold Safes during the 'Smash 'n Grab' round or revealing a golden identity card during the 'Usual Suspects' bonus game.

Despite a staggering amount of bonus rounds, this slot, or more correctly 'fruit machine' is quite a jolly game. A low wagering minimum also keeps the game from turning sour.