Biggest and Best Online Slot Wins

For all slots players, the ultimate dream is to hit that big jackpot and win a life changing amount of money. As online slots are becoming more and more popular, these dreams are becoming reality as some lucky players are winning millions of dollars, after having bet just a small amount.

A benefit of playing slots has always been that you can bet small but still potentially win big and this is true now more than ever, thanks to huge progressive jackpots that rapidly increase to create huge payouts. Below, we’ve listed a few of the biggest wins that have occurred in the brief history of online slots, as well as some of the quickest and most profitable wins recorded.

  • $8,500,000 won by Giorgios M from a $6 bet
  • $300,000 won by Canadian, Silvana3, just six minutes and $13 after signing up
  • Two jackpots won by the same person on the same night totalling over $680,000
  • $2,474,720 won from a $4 bet and $1,966,183 won from just a $100 deposit

More Slots Winners’ Stories

Here are the wins listed above in more detail. We’ve also included other jackpots, including a big win that was won while playing on a cell phone and the first million dollar jackpot to ever be won online.

Nearly $8,500,000 won by Giorgios M from a $6 Bet

The biggest ever recorded online slots win was $8,482,920 which went to Giorgios M, a 36 year old business owner. He won this outstanding amount in May 2009 while playing the Mega Moolah progressive slot,* from a $6 bet.

$8,000,000 won by Obaesso

Obaesso Slot WinThe next biggest online slots win went to a 29 year old British blacksmith known online as ‘Obaesso’. He won $8,000,000 while playing the progressive Millionaires Club slot* on May 15th 2007 and is pictured below being presented his cheque by supermodel Sophie Anderton.

$5,500,000 won by Klaus E and Finnish win of $5,000,000

Mega Moolah Progressive Slot WinAs well as being the source of the biggest ever online slots win in 2009, Mega Moolah* also had a big year in 2008 giving away two huge payouts. These went to Klaus E from Australia and an unnamed Finnish player and consisted of $5,556,753 and $5,000,000 respectively.

Almost $300,000 won by Silvana3 just six Minutes After Signing Up

One great story that should inspire beginners comes from Canada, where a 45 year old player, known as Silvana3, won $286,609 playing Rags to Riches* in 2009. While still an impressive win, there’s nothing too unusual about this jackpot story, aside from the fact it happened to be Silvana3’s first time playing an online slot. Not only that, but the win came just six minutes after registering and wagering a mere $13.

$1,600,000 Jackpot is the First Million Dollar Jackpot won Online

The first ever online million dollar jackpot totalled $1,594,642 and was won on the Major Millions Progressive Slot.*

$163,114 won by Texan on his Cell Phone

Online gambling has continued to evolve and incorporate new technology. This is illustrated by the biggest ever cell phone win of $163,114, which went to an unnamed man from Texas in 2006.

$680,000 Double Jackpot win for One Lucky Player

Most people would consider themselves lucky if they won just one jackpot in a lifetime, but not Leah A. In 2006 she was lucky enough to win $432,180 while playing the online progressive slot Major Millions*. Not content with that, she continued to play and later that night won another jackpot on the slot, which had been reset, to win a further $250,642, creating a grand total of $682,822 in one night! How lucky can one person get?

$2,474,720 won from a $4 bet and $1,966,183 won from a $100 Deposit

Tales of players winning big from small bets are now quite common. One stand out example is Mr L.A., from North London, England, who won $2,474,720 after placing a $4 bet. That works out at $618,680 won for every dollar that he bet, quite impressive we’re sure you’ll agree! Also of note is Marty Ogden, a janitor from Florida, who won $1,966,183 on Gold Rally,* after depositing just $100.

* = Unfortunately these slots cannot be played online in the US due to legal restrictions.