How to Play Classic Slots

Classic slots are the traditional slots machines that existed in land-based casinos years before new technology allowed video slots to develop. Despite being slightly outdated, 3 reel slots still remain popular due to their simplicity and winning opportunities.

This popularity is illustrated by the fact that there are a vast number of traditional slots variations, with different themes creating a new twist on each 3 reel slot. While classic slots don’t usually contain the number of features that video slots do, they can contain some extras, such as multiple pay lines and wild/substitute symbols.

As previously suggested, 3 reel slots are extremely simple to play and tend to have just one line on which you can win. Below is a brief guide to playing a free 3 reel slot machine.

Step 1: Choose a Slot

Select a game with a suitable coin value and number of lines. It’s also always worth considering the game’s pay table to see how much you can win for matching the symbols.

Step 2: Place a Bet

Next, decide how many coins you want to bet. Classic 3 reel slots will usually allow you to bet up to three coins per spin. Alternatively, clicking on the bet max button will automatically bet the highest number of coins available.

Step 3: Spin the Reels

Press the spin button and watch as the reels are set in motion, before they eventually come to a stop.

Step 4: Find out if You're Lucky

Any matching symbols are revealed and corresponding wins are paid into your credit balance. If the slot has a wild/substitute symbol then this can create more wins by acting as any other symbol to create a winning line.