B1 Boxing is a modern
Ukrainian promotion

B1 Boxing is a modern
Ukrainian promotion

We are committed to developing and promoting
Ukrainian fighters on the world stage,
as well as holding spectacular boxing
shows of international level.

about us

The beginning of a great story


ULions Boxing

We started in 2020 as ULions Boxing Promotions
and had two big events in Kyiv, but in 2021
we underwent restructuring and decided to
choose a name that would better reflect our
goal of being the leading promoter organization
of the country both in terms our boxer levels
and quality of our shows.

Our philosophy



Our slogan Be One. Be First is a call to be the first
and strive to become one of the few who can write their
name into the history books of the boxing world.

It also speaks about the way we treat
our athletes.

Each B1 boxer is part of a team built on
a foundation of trust and mutual support.
We assist our fighters around the clock,
create the best training conditions for
them, monitor their health, develop them
media-wise, educate them and help them
realize their potential outside the ring.

Our philosophy



B1 Boxing makes shows you can't
help but enjoy.

It's always a powerful card, quality light and sound,
an exciting entertainment program for the audience
around the ring and a perfect picture for the viewers
in front of the screens all over Ukraine and worldwide.
These are the shows that bring Ukrainian boxing to
a new level.

Our philosophy



Our mission is to make Ukraine one of the brightest
destinations on the world’s boxing map.

This includes the level of our boxers, as well
as quality of organization and broadcasts.
With each of our events, we seek to show that
Ukraine’s boxing glory is not an accident, but
the result of a systemic work by people who are
passionate about the sport.

Our philosophy



Team Spirit

Boxing is not a team sport, but behind the back of any talent there are always those who helped him or her on the way to the top. We strive to be a reliable support for all of our athletes both in and out of the ring


Big things happen when enthusiasm goes hand in hand with experience and knowledge. We do not just love boxing; we have been engaged in its development in Ukraine for a long time and every day we work to bring it to the world level


Why do something like everyone else if you can do it better? We are guided by the world standards and are not afraid to set a new bar for Ukrainian boxing, because it’s the only way you can succeed

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Mishel Furaev


Alon Noiman


Miroslava Peganova

sports director

Vladimir Bogatyrenko

Main coach

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